A Final Thought for the Night

For the last few days and for the next two weeks or so, I’m going to force myself to relive a war. I can’t tell you what there is inside me that makes me need to do this – to remember the fear, the worry, the sadness and sometimes, the outright terror. It makes me remember a post I’ll be adding here soon about Aliza and a mistaken alarm that sent her and her school to bomb shelters – unprepared by teachers, who were themselves concerned and unsure whether there was a real attack taking place or a mistake.

For weeks, she relived that siren; kept describing how she had gotten separated from her class, with two friends -and how they cried in fear. But that’s for the tomorrows to come. For now, as I finally close down and prepare to go home after a very long day at work, I have one final thought.

I am here. In Jerusalem. The capital of my country; a most beautiful city. For all the rockets and the hatred; for all the rock throwing and the lies; for all the violence – it is I who sit here and not them. Someone once told me a story – he learned that he had been picked to spend two years in the United States doing outreach work. He was very excited about this new adventure and called his elderly father to tell him.

Rather than rejoice, his father told him he had to think carefully about what he had done. What mistake, perhaps, he had committed, what sin, that God was sending him into exile. Yes, there was a wonderful part to his leaving Israel for two years, but there was also a very serious part as well.

At the end of the day, as night slips into my country, I am here. So blessed. So thankful. So proud.

May God bless this beautiful land with grace, with safety, with peace, with people who always love it and honor it. Am Yisrael Chai. – the people of Israel live.

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