A Comment is Worth a Thousand Posts

I love to write and so I do – writing about Elie and what it is like to have a son in the army, especially during this difficult time is as natural to me as breathing, even easier, actually. But sometimes, even more fun than writing, is reading the comments that people leave. If I am successful as a writer, people will be touched. If my message has meaning, people will comment. Sometimes, the comments are worth more than the post.

Several comments left here and on other sites that feature my articles have helped me smile…and so I thank those who offer their support or share in our experiences, even from afar. Here are a few – hope you enjoy…and to those who posted – thanks for taking the time, it helps more than you can imagine:

  • If some hate group across the border launched 20 missiles into my town they would soon attain room temperature. We wouldn’t stand for it. And we have enough guns to settle the matter if our National govt. drug their feet. I’m talking about the U.S.A. and the state I live in.Bombs away, Israel. (Kevin James, on IsraelInsider)
  • “Can you imagine the French people sitting huddled in bomb shelters as Katyushas rained down on the Champs-Elysées?”Excellent essay all around, but I loved that quote. You’re so right of course, but it’s all moral equivalence these days in the halls of international organizations and among the leftists pressure groups storming the world’s capitals.Love your voice. God bless…! (Donald Douglas)
  • I found your wonderful post through Donald Douglas. As an old soldier who did come home form Vietnam I can assure you that your fear is more intense than that of your son. You see, I sent a Grandson to Iraq, I have been on both sides of this fear.Your son is ready and able to defend your country, support him and his brothers and may God and your soldiers bring peace to your land. (Sarge Charlie)
  • Thanks for putting into words, the things that we just feel. We are sitting here, 2.5km from Gaza, we were exhilarated on Shabbat morning with the feeling that Tzahal [the Israel Defense Forces] was finally getting the go ahead. 48 hours later, although we’ve been pounded (in the space of 20 minutes yesterday 9 rockets) we’re still hoping to stop the kassams and grads and patzmarim [mortars]…It’s a nerve wracking business – war. Just hope that Eli and his many friends are safe and that they manage to do there job to the best of their ability.Shkoach [Wishing you strength] for your words of support for us. (Another Soldier’s mother near Gaza…)
  • I hope more Americans will find your blog so they can hear the heart of “A Soldier’s Mother”. Thank you, again, for bringing the truth to light- (Beloved Mama)

Thanks to everyone who has commented in the last few days. Elie has no idea how many people are praying for him, thinking of him, and wishing him well. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you all.

— A Soldier’s Mother

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